system resources

I want the resources that have helped me & my system available to more people- seeing as there's at least a few systems on here.

Click here for the doc

basic css/html stuff

(pay no mind to how i really need to know more of the basics...)
html & css cheat sheet - html & css codes
css-validator expands on error codes you might get during coding where i upload music files
flexbox froggy cute little game to learn css flexboxes
css grid garden another cute little game to learn css grids

css effects/scripts

css tricks - css generators - scripts & tools
rv's javascript/DHTML effects - older javaScript / dhtml scripts (may be outdated) - basics of javascript
joe funky keyframe animations
wesource @ neocities- many fun codes to use

themes / templates

Repth themes
sadgrl's layout maker
html5 layouts
more html5 layouts!


my own upload page is here

pixels -and- website layouts:

fancyparts- teddy bears & etc - pixel web materials
engrampixel - tumblr pixel blogs
fruit tomato - backgrounds
biyo2 - backgrounds & pixel web materials - cute & gothic styled pixel web materials - chemicals/chemistry themed web materials ??
enchanting castle - cute pixels
funny snowman - cute cursors

3d gif maker - animate static images
picsart search for PNGs - oldweb backgrounds & graphics - photorealistic tiled backgrounds

blinkie maker - banner & blinkie maker

buttons & clutter

88x31 button gallery
internet blinkie exchange


3d text 2 gif
textdrom animated text gifs - title graphics maker

photo editing

photomosh glitch effects
online image editor

neat neocities :)

other link directories

sadgrl online's links
arkmsworld's links
tehmplaterr - javascript nav tools & layouts
gumamela codes, fonts, backgrounds and even more links

cool sites - limited but neat avatar maker with good music
ascii art generator


mutant standard emoji set
old geocities sites
make seamless background from emojis 😳


unless I use art as a link to somewhere here, they're clickable and will lead to the artists page

rom pixel - home.html from
background - HUB.html
pipis blinkie - home.html from
warp door & Medamaude - HUB.html & index.html from Yume Nikki
heart crop and pop code - miku.html

gifs & images found from picsart, gifcities, and tumblr, if there's a source i'm missing, let me know ~